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scientific name    Argyresthia mariana    

common name     Graybanded Leafroller

In Ontario, it is found where its larval food plant, Picea mariana, grows.

Type material (adults) were collected in mid-late June.

"Antenna with alternating dark brown and white bands; scape white. Head white. Thorax and forewing pale, shiny golden yellow; fringe whitish. Hind wing and fringe whitish. Fore leg fuscous. Mid- and hind leg whitish. Wingspread 7.0-8.5 mm." (Freeman, 1972: 695). The wing color and size resembles A. picea, but the head color, male genitalia, larval behavior, and food plant is different (Freeman, 1972: 695). Male genitalia discussed and illustrated in Freeman (1972: 695; fig. 22). In Alberta, this species can be distinguished from other Argyresthia by its small size, uniform golden habitus, and its food plant, Picea mariana.

life history
In summer and early fall, the larva bores from near the base of a twig toward and into the bud. Near the base of the bud an exit hole is cut and here pupation occurs in the fall. The moth emerges in the following summer.

Not of concern.

diet info
All type material reared from black spruce, Picea mariana.

Type material is from northern Ontario. There is a single specimen from Three Creeks, Alberta in NFRC collected in early July on Picea mariana, but this specimen may be misidentified.

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