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scientific name    Argyresthia calliphanes    

Primarily boreal habitats; apparently found where its food plant, alder, grows.

Adults are on wing from June to August (Meyrick, 1913: 135)

"M/F 13-14 mm. Head and thorax snow-white, face and shoulders ochreous-tinged. Palpi whitish-ochreous. Abdomen light grey, segmental margins white. Forewing elongate-lanceolate; 7 and 8 separate; shining snow-white; markings shining golden, partially edged with coppery; a narrow fascia from base of costa to 1/4 of dorsum, widest on costa, where it is usually marked with a whitish dot; a V-shaped fascia resting on dorsum beyond middle, its arms widely divergent, costa sometimes marked with one or two dark dots between these, the dots sometimes connected with one or other of arms; an apical patch enclosing a white spot on costa just before apex (sometimes extended to termen below apex) and another on middle of termen, its anterior edge irregularly parallel with preceding fascia, and with a median projection sometimes extended to connect with it above middle: cilia ochreous-grey. Hindwings grey, darker posteriorly; cilia grey" (Meyrick, 1913: 135). There is no confirmed record yet of this species in Alberta. A similar species to it in Alberta is A. goedartella, from which calliphanes can be separated by its snow-white head and thorax (as opposed to golden in goedartella), and slightly more extensive wing markings (Forbes, 1923: 345).

life history
Nothing is known about the immature stages of this species.

Not of concern.

diet info
The larvae feed on alder (Forbes, 1923: 345).

In Canada there are scattered records from Ontario (Toronto) to British Columbia, and a number of doubtful records for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba (Covell 1984, Forbes 1923). Covell (1984) indicates "w across Canada". In US this species is recorded from New York to California (Freeman, 1972; Forbes, 1923: 345).

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