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scientific name    Greya piperella    

Open, grassy coniferous forest, or on rockfaces where its host is found.

Alberta records indicate a flight period from late June to mid-August (Davis et al. 1992).

Davis et al. (1992) provide a detailed description of this species: Wingspan 16.5-21.5 mm, forewings white or cream-coloured in females, sometimes with stamineous tinge in Alberta specimens; with gray tinge in male; numerous fine spots; hindwings gray (website); dorsally white with brownish scales, ventrally silvery white; forelegs and midlegs brown dorsally, white ventrally, with hind tibia and femur brown with some white, tarsi mostly white. Antennae 0.4-0.5 times as long as the forewing, 30-33 segmented; maxillary palpus 5-segmented, labial palpus 3-segmented, both creamy white. Abdomen fuscous dorsally, white ventrally. Larvae up to 2.65 mm long and 0.4 mm wide. Egg white; 0.5 mm long and 0.25 mm wide.

life history
Adults oviposit in thepeduncle of the host flower one week before the flowers open, which the larvae mine (Davis et al. 1992). Nothing is known of the life history beyond this point. There is no evidence that G. piperella pollinates its host, although it drinks nectar (Pellmyr et al. 1996).

Not of concern.

diet info
Larvae mine in the flower peduncles of Alum-root (Heuchera cylindrica (Saxifragaceae)) (Davis et al. 1992), feeding only on meristematic tissue (Brown et al. 1994). Adults also drink nectar from the larval host (Pellmyr et al. 1996).

In Alberta, occurs in the southwestern moutain region from Waterton to Lake Louise Davis et al. 1992).

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